I discovered needle felting as we were all plunged into the Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020.

Looking for something to do I decided to purchase a few needle felting kits;  as well as creating some very cute figures it was also very theraputic - probably all that stabbing!

And that really is how MillyRose Crafts came about......I turned a hobby into a business that is growing quickly.

Our first kits were imported in from China and they were lovely however I wanted to create needle felting birds, animals, and things that we recognise in the UK.

Since selling those first needle felting kits  I have sourced wool in the UK, along with some of the tools, and am now personally creating new needle felting kits each week so that others can enjoy the craft as much as I do.

Having bought kits with minimal or no instructions I wanted to ensure that anyone, beginners included, can understand how to set off and create something very easily so we have included loads of images in our instructions. 

In the near future there will be videos which will be uploaded to YouTube too for those that like more details guidance and are used to more techy stuff.

All our kits come with needles, a felting pad and more than enough wool to complete a kit.  All you need is a bit of you time so you can lose yourself in this very addictive pastime.

Please do have a look at the kits we have and I hope you find something that appeals to you.

With my best wishes