MillyRose Crafts - Punch Needle Kit - Wool craft kit

This is the newest addition to our selection of crafts.

Very similar to latch hook and rugging, but without the need to tie off the loops, this craft has the option to have either the front of back as the finished product.

Alternatively create loops of different lengths, use the flat stitches , combine them all and create a wonderfully textured piece.

  • THERAPEUTIC AND STRESS BUSTING: due to the simplicity of the process Punch Needle Craft is extremely therapeutic. Spend a few hours thinking of nothing else other than where to put your punch needle next and watch as your piece becomes a wonderful picture. Easier and faster than most crafts this is a perfect craft for gaining a real sense of achievement when you have your finished piece.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Our Punch Needle Kit includes everything you need to create your own masterpiece. Complete with instruction sheet, full range of 8 strand yarn, re-usable adjustable punch needle, yarn threader, expandable 8’ hoop, monk cloth.
  • PRE-PRINTED PATTERN: Unlike some kits our monks cloth comes with the design printed so there is no need to bother with templates and transfers.
  • ADJUSTABLE PUNCH NEEDLE PEN: Our Punch needle is adjustable which allows you to play with textures by selecting different settings. When first punching the cloth it will seem that the pen is too large however with persevere you will see that the pen size, wool and cloth are perfectly matched as your masterpiece evolves. Take care to read the instructions which advise on stitch length and your Punch needle pen will work perfectly for you.
  • POPULAR GIFT: Our MillyRose Crafts Punch Needle kits are created and packaged in Yorkshire and come in a smart Kraft box. They make a wonderful gift for friends and family. Or use the box to protect your finished piece if gifting the finished artwork.


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