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Collection: MillyRose Crafty Kids

All the craft kits in our MillyRose Crafty Kids Collection are suitable for beginners and, with supervision, are a great way for your young ones to spend a few hours away from the stress and strains of our non stop digital world.  

We do advise that they are not suitable for under 10's however you know your children and know their abilities; with supervision and guidance many of our kits have been made by under 10's.  

Our young ones now live in a word that never stops, that never slows and we are seeing more and more sad stories about the rising mental health issues of our young children and soon to be adults.

We want to give our children, their parents, carers etc access to crafts;  access to a few hours where all they think about is "making something, creating something fun and cute, and perhaps doing something together"

In this collection there are single item kits and also kits with multiple finished items, All come with one set of tools which means that only one person can use the kit at a time.

We wanted to find a way that you can share some quality time with your young ones, or so they can spend time crafting with their friends, siblings etc, without the need to buy two or more kits.

So, for anyone purchasing any of our kits that have more than one finished piece we are offering to send extra felting pads, needles  and finger guards so that the kits can be shared and done together, either children together or children with a parent, carer etc a maximum of 2 extra felting pads and needle sets per order).

To receive the extra felting pads, needles and finger guards all you need to do is  purchase your kit and email me at help@millyrosecrafts.co, or use the Chat box in the bottom corner. 


PS:  I have added a selection of kits and some, especially the birds, will require more help from an adult.



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